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"By switching to Clean Pot we not only save money, but I'm so much happier by the service and toilet itself. The toilet looks brand new!"

—Stephanie B.

Events can be difficult to plan and easily exceed costs.

Don’t let your portable restrooms cost be a huge chunk of your upcoming special occasion. That’s why we at Cleanpot Portable Toilets are your premier solution for all your portable bathroom rental needs. We provide the supplies, and all you do is sit back and think about how happy your occasion will be.

Short-term Toilet Rentals

Short-term events like festivals, weddings, sporting events, and outdoor parties demand convenient and accessible restroom facilities. Our short-term rental options are perfect for such occasions. We provide a variety of portable restrooms to suit your event’s size and style with handwashing stations and ADA-compliant facilities available.

Long-term Toilet Rentals

For projects that require restroom facilities over an extended period, such as construction sites or renovation projects, our long-term rental solutions are the ideal choice. Our long-term rental plans are flexible and can be customized to fit your project’s duration and specific needs. We regularly service and maintain the units to ensure they remain in pristine condition throughout the rental period.

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Clean Pot Portable Toilets is your reliable partner for short and long-term portable restroom rentals in Vancouver, WA. With our commitment to cleanliness, variety of restroom options, and exceptional customer service, we ensure that your restroom needs are met efficiently and professionally. Whether you’re planning a special event or managing a long-term project, trust Clean Pot Portable Toilets for your portable restroom needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and request a quote.

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